Custom work

I do create custom designs. 

Before reading this, please be aware of the difference between a typeface, a font and a logotype.

A typeface is a set of rearrangeable letters.
A font is an installable software containing a set of letters.
A logotype is a static non-editable image.

Logotype creation

To inquire about logotype design, please email contact@aringtypeface.com with the following:
– Your budget.
– A description of what you are looking for; words, colors, shapes, ideas etc.
– Any sketches and images you might have.

If you do not provide your budget, we offer an hourly rate from $100 USD, depending on availability. Our strength is high quality in short time.

Typefaces & fonts

If you want a typeface, you most likely want it delivered as a font.
There is rarely any reason to have a set of characters if you can’t use your keyboard to type with it.

When setting a price for a custom font, there are several important factors to consider.

The main ones are:
– Exclusivity of rights
– Number of glyphs
– Style


Exclusivity of rights
Do you need the sole rights of the font, or can we keep the rights and sell licenses for it?
If we can, and given that it’s considered marketable, you can expect to pay about $300.00 USD.
You can choose an original name for it and use it in any way you like, but Aring Typeface owns the sole rights to sell and share it.

If you however want the sole rights, you should expect to pay at least $2500.00 USD, but also need to consider the following aspects.

Number of glyphs
A typeface usually contains at least A-Z and a-z. It should also contain 0-9 and some basic punctuation to be useful in different contexts.
Most of the typefaces for sale on this website contains between 350-700 glyphs, many of those characters being special letters such as Å, Ö, Ñ, Ç etc; i e needed when used by different nationalities, but perhaps superfluous in an all American context.
It’s also possible to add alternate characters for style or a more natural look.

Different typefaces requires more work and precision than other. This may affect the price both ways.


Time frame

Given that I am available and your feedback is relatively immediate, a font could be ready in one to two months. It can be ready even sooner if you need it for an urgent project.


What we need from you

First, we need the info about everything above and your budget to be able to give you a quotation.

Secondly, we need everything you’re able to give us to start working.

Let’s say you want to create a font based on your handwriting. You should give us a sample, for example a couple of handwritten sentences, and at least two versions of A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and punctuation.
For a more regular typeface, for example a sans-serif, you should provide as much information as possible, such as weight, width, height and other proportions. Preferably also sketches and images to explain the idea as well as possible.

However, if you only have 10 characters (or no characters at all but only an idea) and want a full font from it, that is also possible. But that will obviously require more time and creativity.

If you have read the above and you are interested, please send an email to contact@aringtypeface.com