Mean Casat

Mean Casat

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Mean Casat is a stylish script family. 
The typeface is an original creation by Måns Grebäck, built during 2017. 
Its five weight has been carefully designed and gives great variation to the font family: 
Mean Casat Thin, Mean Casat Light, Mean Casat Med, Mean Casat Bold and Mean Casat Fat.  

The font also contains multiple extra OpenType features; including a set of
stylistic alternate characters, a swash alternate alphabet, small caps, 
initial and final versions of all letters, ornaments and ligatures. 

With its hundreds of glyphs, Mean Casat supports a very wide range of languages. 

Use § after a word to make a swash. Example: Casat§
To make different types of swashes, write § followed by 1-9. Example: Casat§6

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