Custom work

In addition to creating fonts, I design custom graphics such as logotypes.

Before reading this, please be aware of the difference between a logotype and a font.

A logotype is a static image, for example the Coca-Cola logo. 
A font is an installable software containing a set of letters, for example Times New Roman. 



  • I normally charge $100 USD per effective working hour. 
  • I charge minute-by-minute for actual effective work; i e not for correspondence or administrative work. I also do not round up hours; if I work 2.1 effective hours I only ask for $210 USD. 
  • I work in steps, and you will be part of the process minute-by-minute to steer the project in your desired direction. 
  • I am working very efficiently, and have 8+ years experience of daily work with design and vector graphics in professional software. 

Because of this, you can get a professionally created logo including adjustments for $100 USD, and my work rarely gets more expensive than $300 USD. 



  • Send an email to and I am often available for work the same day.
  • I confirm my availability and after your go-ahead I start creating the logo. 
  • I get back to you for feedback, usually several times per hour of effective work. 
  • To guarantee maximal effectiveness, I keep track of every working minute and will be able to share this record with you. 
  • Depending on the speed of your feedback, your logo can be finished within 24 hours. 

What I need from you

  • A description of what you are looking for; words, colors*, design. 
  • A hand-made or computer-made sketch.
  • Any other images that you might have.
  • Eventual budget or deadline. 

I strongly recommend the sketch to keep the time down. It does not have to be aesthetically good, but a sketch of what you want makes the process much faster and with a more satisfactory result. It is also generally true that the more information I get from you, the faster and easier it will be to complete your logo.

* Regarding colors: 
I usually suggest starting with black-and-white until the shape is complete, and then looking at colors as a second step.
This is because of several reasons:

 —  Even if you want the logo in color, in most cases you will need a black-and-white alternative for certain contexts;
 —  A good logo should in my opinion look good in black-and-white, and;
 —  It will keep the amount of work to a minimum. Rendering one logo in a couple of colors does not take any time, but rendering 20 versions of a logo in 20 different colors takes a lot of time. 


What you will receive

  • Complete and exclusive ownership of the logotype or font. 
  • Vector graphics in PDF, AI, EPS or any other format. 
  • High quality images in PNG, JPG or any other format. 
  • Font files in OTF, TTF or any other format.