Frequently Asked Questions

I want to use one of your fonts, do I need a license and how much is it?

My typefaces are available for purchase here. If you make profit, you will need a license. For more info, please visit What license do I need?


Is the price a one-time fee?

Yes, it’s a one-time fee. No further payments are needed, and the license does not expire. More info at What license do I need?


What does 'desktop' and 'webfont' mean?

Desktop is for use in image graphics, for example a logo or a product design.
If you want to use the font in a webdesign, you should purchase the webfont. More info at What license do I need?


How many 'users' should I choose?

All individuals that will use the actual font to create graphics should be included in the license. More info at What license do I need?


Can you create a logotype, custom font or other graphics?

Yes, please visit this page for information on custom logotypes and typefaces.


Are numbers included in the full version?

Yes. Each font has close to 400 glyphs, which includes A-Z, a-z, 0-9, punctuation and extensive support for Latin languages; Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended-A

How do I find a particular font on your website? 

The easiest way is to search for it. If there is no result, please try to simplify the search term, preferably write just one word; i e 'vacer' rather than 'vacer serif bold'
Many fonts are available on Myfonts only. 
Another path is to replace font-name in this URL with the name of the font:, example:


I need a font in a different format than offered, can you help me?

All fonts are provided as OTF and TTF. When purchasing the webfont you will be provided with the font in EOT, WOFF, WOFF2 and SVG formats. For other formats, please respond to the confirmation email after the purchase and I will generate the required format.


I want to modify the letters, am I allowed to?

Yes, you can make modifications on the letters for a logo or other artwork, but you can’t edit the actual font file. A license will be needed for commercial use, no matter how much modification is done.


The letters get cut off at the top/bottom in Word, how do I fix it?

You have to increase the line spacing. If you are going to print the document there is nothing to worry about though, as the letters won’t be cut off in the printed document. A version entirely without cut off parts can be arranged after purchase of the font.


What methods of payment do you accept?

This website accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express, as well as Paypal and Apple Pay. The transaction is handled through Stripe. If you want to pay through invoice, please email me your company name, reference name, address, country, the name of the font and, if you’re in the EU, your VAT-number. I will send an invoice in Swedish Krona to your email, or if requested to your physical mail.


I get an error when trying to pay with my card, why?

Most likely because your bank is declining the charge. In some cases, the card has to be opened to be able to make online purchases. Please contact your bank or try another card, alternatively request an invoice from me, as described above.


Can I pay with a currency other than Euro?

Your bank will automatically convert whatever currency the bank account holds. Please go ahead and make the purchase and your bank account will be charged in your currency.
As a guideline, €1.00 EUR equals $1.05 USD as of 12/15/16. 


Can I buy a license for someone else?

Yes, you will be able to state the licensee's name upon checkout. 
Another option is to send his/her name and email address as a reply to the confirmation email after your purchase. This will make him/her the license owner.


Where do I download a purchased font?

An email with a license, invoice and download link will be sent to the email address you stated at check out. If you can’t find it, please check your spam filter!