Product Usage Agreement

Unlicensed software

This agreement applies to all use of the fonts outside of the commercial license, and has to be read and understood before downloading, using, saving, unpacking, receiving or installing any of my work outside of the commercial license. If you have bought and own a commercial license, please read the EULA.

The product here means font files, image files, all accompanying files, data and materials created by Måns Grebäck.

By downloading, using, saving, unpacking, receiving or installing the product the user agrees to each paragraph below. If you do not accept any of this agreements, do not use, download or install the product.

1. The user agrees not to sell, share, distribute or send the product to other persons or computers, nor upload on Internet or any network what so ever.
2. The user will not recreate, imitate or base own work on the product.
3. The user agrees not to use this font in any commercial or profit making contexts, or in any relation to anything/anyone striving for profitability.
4. The user will not in any way lie about, try to explain away or cover up misuse of the product. This includes ignoring or giving false answers to questions about origin of the font, rights, and possession of the license.
5. The user understand that removing an illegal commercial use or other misuse of an unlicensed version of the product will be viewed as an attempt to cover up misuse if not immediately reported to Måns Grebäck.
6. The user takes full responsibility of all use and misuse, and by not following this agreement, the user agrees to pay any penalty charge calculated by Måns Grebäck as well as eventual legal costs.

A commercial license is highly recommended for all public media. If you’re thinking of using the product commercially without a license or to in any other way not follow this agreement, please think again.

You as the user have the obligation to actively verify where and how you can use all products, whether you hired or are the direct user of the product. I will not overlook or have sympathy for you ignorance of this agreement, read-me documents, notes and other descriptions included with the product.

For any uncertainties, contact Måns Grebäck, or you will have full responsibility of any misunderstanding.