License covering the Resources subscription. 

This is the license agreement between you, the Resources Subscription Licensee (here 'User') and the Resources Subscription Issuer Mans Greback AB (here 'Mans Greback'). 


The graphics, fonts, software, all of its derivatives and accompanying materials (here 'Graphics') are the exclusive property of Mans Greback. All rights of any kind, which are not expressly granted in this License, are entirely and exclusively reserved to and by Mans Greback.
Material and work created by the User in accordance with this license agreement are the exclusive property of the User. 


Unless expressively stated, The Graphics MAY NOT be used for commercial products and in commercial contexts, but MAY be used by commercial users in non-public testing contexts.
Once a license is purchase, the Graphics MAY be used for any commercial project, including but not limited to logotypes, advertisements and merchandise for web and print.
The Graphics MAY NOT be shared, embedded or sold as-is.
The Graphics MAY be used for personal and non-commercial projects, such as for a hobby or social media account without monetary gain. 
The downloaded Graphics is to be used by one individual.
The Resources subscription, login and account are to be used by one individual. 


Cancellation of subscription may be done anytime without any cost, but with no refund of already subscribed periods. 

By registration, sign up, log in and use of Resources and download, saving and use of any Graphics you agree to the terms of this License.